Security Services for Oxfordshire

We are a local Security Company based in Oxford. We offer a wide range of services from Alarm response, mobile patrols, key holding, open and closing services. Our aim is to provide a flexible, efficient and reliable service to meet all your needs and at the same time maintain a high image for your company.

 Key Holding and Mobile Patrols – We cover the Thames Valley area with Mobile Response units as well as providing open, closing services and Alarm Response


Key Holding


You can be confident with regard to our professional key holding services. A receipt will be made out for the customer when the keys are handed over to us and the keys will then be deposited within our secure key holding facility. Keys will be kept sealed, with each seal being uniquely numbered and recorded in our log book.

So whether you require our Key Holding & Alarm Response service for your home, offices, factory or other type of premises in Oxford.

Our professional keyholders are all SIA licensed

Key holding and Alarm response is our core business, and holding SIA Accreditation enables Oxford Security Services to offer a full Key Holding Service to your domestic or commercial premises. 

Keyholding and Alarm Response

Oxford Security Services follows the strict SIA regulations. Our key holding and alarm response teams are SIA Trained and are capable of dealing with any potential break in or Fire alarm activation's.

When you use our key holding and alarm response services, we GUARANTEE a response: – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week services 365 day a year for both emergency and non-emergency needs.

We are proud to offer these services to both commercial and residential customers alike.

Mobile Patrols

Oxford Security Services provides a reliable and affordable mobile patrol service. Our uniformed officers drive clearly marked security vehicles, provide regular security checks, you can be rest assured that we are committed to offering the very best mobile patrols in Oxfordshire.

We are here to give you peace of mind all while keeping your property secure and safe. All keys are kept safe and secure, apart from any identifying company details for extra security. All customer key's locations are known at all times, including if and when they are used in an alarm response.

How do our Services Work

Should your alarm go off, a uniformed security officer will arrive on site in an official, marked company vehicle within 20 minutes and no longer than 40 minutes after being notified of the activation. They will patrol inside and out of the premises, and will thoroughly investigate any areas of concern.

Our officers are all licensed and trained to the highest standard. You can be confident that the officer that attends your premises is equipped to handle all emergency situations and criminal activity, keeping your business or property safe.


Professional And Affordable Service

  • Our Mobile Patrol Units will respond to alarm activation's during closed periods, meaning there is no risk to you or your staff when called out to attend the premises late at night.
  • Police are only called out to confirmed events.
  • Your Health & Safety and Insurance requirements are met.
  • You will have peace of mind that your keys, premises and staff are safe.
  • The disruption to your business when break-ins occur is the absolute minimum.
  • Avoids anyone being exposed to potential danger either on route or once at the site – Corporate Manslaughter Act
  • Avoids office staff remaining on site out of hours resulting in reduced productivity the next day

Key Advantages

 We will respond 24 hours a day 365 days a year, can you? 

  • Dealing with the nuisance of false alarms so you don’t have to. 
  • Dealing with alarm activation's or emergency response when you may not be able to. 
  • Dealing with alarm activation's more quickly than you may be able to if (for example, you are at home, at work or away from the property for an extended period of time)
  • Eliminating the threat of an untrained person putting themselves at risk from confronting an intruder who may still be on the premises.

Open and Close Services

If your business needs to opened up before or stay open after regular business hours. Our Mobile  team is here to eliminate the risks and concerns by opening and/or closing your business for you. We will guarantee the following is completed during our open/close service:

– Windows locked
– Lights switched on/off
– Taps are off
– All doors are secured
– Security alarm is set
– Make sure staff have entered/exited safely